Our Bulk CBD Oil (Distillate)

We are also exclusive distributors of high-quality THC-free, broad-Spectrum CBD distillate with a minimum purity range of 80% – 92% (average) active CBD; we supply customers both in the UK and Europe.

Our raw materials are sourced from farms in the US, notably Colorado and Oregon, stringently selected for consistent quality. Our partners blend cutting-edge science with rigorous quad-tested lab protocols to develop high-performance, quality cannabis oil.

About our CBD oil:

  • Our CBD oil is of the higher quality due to the broad-spectrum of cannabinoids. It has trace amounts of CBG, CBN, CBDa, CBV and terpenes, this is what makes up remaining material in each kilo. The ‘Entourage Effect’ takes place here, this is the cumulative effect of these compounds and working together to release the potential benefits of CBD.
  • It is zero percent THC (none detectable) using proprietary technology and methodology at our partners’ state of the art facilities.
  • Certificates of Analysis (CoA’s), are available for each batch. Exact measurements on each constituent part is measured and available.
  • We can provide consistent quality and supply.

Bulk CBD Oil
(pre-homogenised with MCT carrier oil and your choice of flavour)

Are you looking to start your own brand and just want the ease of purchasing CBD oil in bulk without the time and effort needed to melt CBD distillate and professionally homogenise your formula?

We can produce any amount of pre-homogenised CBD oil, with MCT carrier oil and a flavour of your choice for a fixed price. All you need to do is bottle it!

Ideal for small scale producers who want quality and flexibility at the best price! Ready for you to fill into smaller, retail ready bottles yourself.

We offer bulk CBD oil in 1kg or 3kg amounts:

  • 1 x KG of CBD Oil Makes 100 x 10ml Bottles of CBD Oil
  • 3 x KG of CBD Oil Makes 100 x 30ml Bottles of CBD Oil

Prices start as low as £850 + VAT.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.